Follow The Leader - Pentecost

Follow The Leader . . . Pentecost . . . Acts 1:8-11

What is Pentecost in the Old Testament?

What is Pentecost in the New Testament? . . .Acts 2:1-4

What is the Origin of Pentecost?

When's Pentecost Sunday in 2023?     This year, Pentecost will be on Sunday, May 28th, 2023, observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter (April 9th).

Why is Pentecost so important to Christianity?     Modern Christians observe Pentecost as a holiday, not to celebrate a wheat harvest, but to remember when the Holy Spirit invaded the Church in the earth.

On Pentecost Sunday The Holy Spirit Filled The Church With Power. . . Acts 2:2,4

On Pentecost Sunday The Holy Spirit Added 3,000 New Believers. . . Acts 2:14, 41

The Holy Spirit was Prophesied in the Old Testament. . . Joel 2:28-29

The Holy Spirit was Promised by Jesus. . . John 14:26

Jesus Commanded The Group At His Ascension To Wait In Jerusalem. . . Acts 1:4-5

At Jesus Baptism John the Baptist, A Prophet, Said This About Jesus . . . Matthew 3:11

The Significance of Pentecost Today

If Jesus Were Here Today . . .Would You Follow Him?